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Jenn Zedaker Offers Customized Fitness Plans for All

Tis the season for giving and why not give the best gift of all, a fitness program that lasts a lifetime? Many of us have tried everything under the sun to reach our fitness goals: strict diets, magic shakes, exercise gadgets that ended up collecting dust and gym membership that eventually got cancelled. There is no need to waste any more time or money. Instead, enroll in a program that is realistic, helpful and built to fit each person’s individual needs. Jenn Zedaker is a certified peresonal trainer and nutrition coach who works one-on-one to teach, motivate and support clients on their fitness journeys. She is well versed in weight loss, building lean muscle and implementing lifelong changes.

Every program is unqiue and designed based on the goals, time and learning preferences of each individual. Member’s are provided with the most modern technology including a brand new, personlized mobile app. Clients can get workouts with video and instructions, track food, measurements and pictures, all while staying motivated with daily reminders and inspiration. Sessions include topics such as reading food labels, stress and time management, and food prepping.

Failure is inevitable when we are forced to makes changes that we don’t like no matter what results they produce. Every client’s program starts with a review of their likes, dislikes and previous experience to ensure they reach their goals while enjoying their time. Space is limited and a free gift is available for those who enroll before January 31.

For more information, call 267-474-4319 or visit ShapeIntoYou.com.

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