Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania Edition
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Tai Chi Gala

The “Un-Conference, Un-retreat” Weekend

Are you someone who desires something different from the standard retreat or vacation? Try Tai Chi Gala. Is it an active learning vacation? Yes. Is it a relaxing retreat? Yes. Does it power you up with Nature’s energy instead of sealing you in a hotel all day? Yes. Does it have comfy buildings and easy walkways? Yes. Does it…? Yes.

Tai Chi Gala is designed for you to manifest your desired experience, and what will help you best.

Centered on tai chi, qigong, Chinese energy arts, holistic health, Eastern philosophy, and even traditional Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi Gala is designed to feed beginner through advanced with what the mind-body needs. Want to eliminate pain and stress? Instruction from an expert awaits. If you want to safely explore the spiritual art of sword… or a rare, meditative Ming Dynasty Chinese tea ceremony, it’s yours. If you want hands-on help to repair your health or energy patterns, it’s right there. Join groups of high-energy, like-minded souls to lift you up, or, take private time for yourself to reflect and recharge.

Register, then choose any hands-on workshops you want. If you’re totally new to these topics, GOOD! Staff helps you select best choices.

Affordable, do-able, and in the nearby Pocono Mountains. Visit the ad for Tai Chi Gala in this issue and reserve your registration for this magnificent weekend May 31 - June 2.

If you want to explore self-defense, there’s a special immersion following the Tai Chi Gala, June 2-5. TaiChiGala.com.

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