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Percussion Instrument Re-emerges

Inspired by ancient percussion instruments, the Ceremonial Systrum has been released into the commercial market. Similar in function to the tambourine, the systrum is a hoop-top rattle, handcrafted from rosewood, with nickel silver jingles strung on snake-shaped ribs in keeping with its historical reference.

Applicable to professional, collegiate and community percussion ensembles, this robust instrument is manufactured by Mid-East Mfg., Inc., according to designer specifications. The designer, Tahya, a resident of the Lehigh Valley, credits her inspiration to travels to Egypt where she took note of the systrum’s depiction engraved on ancient Egyptian temple walls. She says it is designed for use in a variety of ways, and adds a rich, rhythmic texture to musical, chanting, dancing and drumming experiences. “The Ceremonial Systrum is a vibrant instrument that can infuse new life into alternative band’s sounds, heighten an orchestral tutti, enliven the stage at a rock concert, augment world music instrument collections and more,” she says.

For more information, visit or call 610-776-7045. To find out more about Tahya, visit

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