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Relieving Back Pain Yoga Class


Stephanie Snyder, a registered yoga teacher, will offer an extended yoga class specifically designed for relieving back pain on Saturday, January 12th from 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m, at her studio in Bethlehem. The class will benefit students with a sequence of yoga poses that safely allows one to gain flexibility in the back of the legs, lengthen the spine, bend at the hips, twist the spine to turn without compressing the discs and more.

“Many doctors recommend yoga as a way to reduce back pain,” states Snyder, who discovered yoga as a cure for back pain due to inflexibility and sciatica. “The number one reason for people missing work in the U.S. is back pain. A major cause of back pain is inflexibility of the leg and spine muscles. This can be a vicious cycle, as when you start hurting you don’t want to move, thus it gets worse as the muscles atrophy and tighten more from not moving them. Tightness of the legs and back can also cause back strain and herniated discs as one ends up bending at the waist compressing disc between the vertebrae versus bending at the hips as we are designed to anatomically causing no compression on the discs and vertebrae. Yoga is a powerful life tool worth having in your toolbox to alleviate and prevent many causes of back pain.”

Additional regular yoga classes offered weekly. The studio is located in North Bethleham. Call 610-867-0116 or visit

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