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What is Edible Landscaping?

Everybody’s dream is to have a beautiful landscape that meets their needs. That dream becomes the ultimate reality with edible landscaping—a form of landscaping that actually produces while looking spectacular. Consider a colorful tree that is only just that—colorful. With edible landscaping, functionality of your landscape can be expanded upon. A colorful tree can also bear fruit. A privacy bush can also yield sweet berries through the summer months. Areas of too much or too little sun & water can be outfitted with an edible plant meant to withstand the challenge and produce food! Edible landscaping is the gift that keeps giving. Having a food-producing landscape is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also supports a healthy lifestyle. Landscaping with fruit and nut trees, berry bushes and vegetable gardens provides options to the landowner looking for a huge yield on their investment. Thousands have begun turning to Edible Landscaping for many reasons—healthy alternatives to commercial food, access to tasty and unique items not found in stores, organic homegrown food, and even just for food security. The ecological benefits are endless. An edible landscape is designed to function like an ecosystem, supporting bees and butterflies in the process. Qualified edible landscapers can transform a dull area into a thriving edible utopia that you may never have thought possible.  

Bear Creek Organics is the authority on Edible Landscaping in Pennsylvania and beyond. Contact us today for a systemized approach to better landscaping.

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