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Local Company Designs Ecological Landscapes to Manage Water

In the last two years, we have received nearly double the average rainfall.  It is clear that the average property is not equipped to deal with such volumes of water.  You may not realize this, but proper ecological strategies for managing water can yield benefits across all seasons and weather patterns, including heat waves and drought.

“You must, at all costs, develop a proper water management strategy to pave the way for a successful backyard landscape, garden, or small organic farm,” says Richie Mitchell of Bear Creek Organics.  “After you have a plan for water, your fencing, roads, patios, family areas, plants, and healthy organic food harvest will fall into place.”

Many of Bear Creek Organics’ clients are asking for help with their water troubles this 2019 season.  As an ecological landscape consult, design, and build company - water management is at the heart of every job.

There are many beautiful and effective ecological solutions for managing water, such as tranquil ponds and dry stream beds, rain gardens with native flowers, rain collection bins, swales that evenly disperse water to fruit trees, and many more custom strategies.  At the core of these solutions is the concept of mimicking nature by slowing, spreading, and sinking water so that it does not result in flooding and erosion in your yard.  Likewise, your yard’s water should not contribute to the overall burden of water volume in roadside drainages, streams, rivers and lakes.  Your water can be stored and utilized in times of drought, or directed towards dry areas on the landscape to enhance plant growth and to reduce maintenance.

Bear Creek Organics’ goal is to develop water wise solutions that add beauty and functionality to your property.  “We build our systems to enhance your property and to restore the local watershed of the neighborhood.  Our clients not only care for their land, but they are also mindful of their neighbors and their local streams and lakes.”

Bear Creek Organics is saturating the local community with successful projects and educating the broader audience to consider what their properties and lives can look like if they implemented this type of work.

 The process of education, consultation, design, construction and management is the Bear Creek Organics’ path to success.  “Clients that stick to the process, commit to good communication, and believe in the ‘slow is fast’ mindset are reaping the benefits of our work,” says Mitchell.  “We do not shortcut our process, and our process never leaves us hanging.  We have a 100% approval rating for those who have worked with us through the process.  Be prepared to work and then be prepared for success.”


Contact owner, Richie Mitchell. 570-582-0615, [email protected].




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