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Chiropractic Treatment: How It Helps the Whole Body

When someone mentions chiropractic treatment, people think of treatment for back or neck pain.  There are many misconceptions about what a chiropractor does during treatment or how the body benefits from chiropractic alignments.  Imagine keeping your vehicle’s wheels in alignment so it rides smoothly and tires wear evenly; this is a good analogy for how and why everyone with a spine and extremities benefits from chiropractic treatment.  By keeping shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, hips and spine in alignment and functioning properly, your body will maintain good health and serve you better as you travel through life!  This helps avoid costly surgeries and time-consuming recuperation and rehabilitation and allows your body to “see you through” your golden years when you have the time to do what you didn’t have time for before retiring!

Chiropractors teach patients that a body stays healthier with good nutrition, restful sleep, frequent exercise and regular body maintenance through chiropractic alignments.  With active lifestyles and stresses from repetitive motion activities such as long hours in front of computer screens, sitting/standing/bending/lifting and other work and life stresses that place heavy strains on our musculoskeletal systems, it is imperative to re-balance and restore the natural state of health that our bodies deserve.  That is what chiropractic treatment accomplishes.  Good health is “normal”; pain and discomfort is not!  Chiropractic alignments assist the body’s natural ability to heal.

Chiropractic care has come a long way; even the medical community has begun to understand that chiropractors and medical doctors can work hand-in-hand to maintain patients’ health and wellness.  Many well-known orthopedic groups and hospitals have incorporated chiropractors into their medical staffs to address the chiropractic issues affecting many patients.  Every professional and prominent college sports team has a chiropractor on staff.

Gone are the days of only scheduling a chiropractic visit because you “hurt your back”.   Through education and a proven track record of obtaining safe and effective results without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, patients have grown accustomed to improving their athletic performance, reducing and eliminating their frequent pain episodes and preventing further injuries by insuring their body is in alignment through chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Perelli has been addressing the chiropractic issues of patients in the greater Lehigh Valley for 32 years and approaches each patient’s issues with a sincere desire to restore them to optimum health and wellness by addressing the root causes of their pain and discomfort.  His office offers many holistic options to address the overall health of each patient through nutrition, weight loss, pain management, cellular detoxification, massage and chiropractic.  Addressing the spectrum of their patients’ issues helps them insure that there is no stone left unturned in their quest to serve the health of everyone who walks through their doors!

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