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Ecstatic Dance Now in the Greater Lehigh Valley

Jennifer Craig

Jennifer Craig

Ecstatic Dance, a modern free-form dance gathering now available locally, is an opportunity to break free and get your own personal groove on. Characteristic elements of an Ecstatic Dance gathering are a dance floor free of talking, street shoes and intoxicants, as well as a consensual space of safety, nonjudgementalism and respect. Every fourth Friday of the month, this community event will be held at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center in Breinigsville from 7pm – 9pm.

Of course, indigenous and old-world cultures have practiced Ecstatic Dance for thousands of years as recreation, for healing, to bring the community together, to express soul through movement and to achieve inner union with the Divine. The modern Ecstatic Dance “movement” seeks to restore this beautiful and mindful dance gathering, as well as its many benefits, to dance lovers worldwide, regardless of superficial distinctions of age, gender, socio-economic status, political and religious affiliations, and so on.

“On the Ecstatic Dance floor there are only souls who happen to have bodies,” says Jennifer Craig of Shamanic Solutions, bringer of Ecstatic Dance to our area. “We dance out our joy, our sorrow, our longings, our wounds, our triumphs and, most importantly, our inner ecstasy.” The next Ecstatic Dance of this monthly series is Friday, April 26th.

To register for this $13 event, call or text Jennifer at 970-317-0118. For invitations to future ceremonies and events, text SMILING to 55222. For more information on Jennifer’s healing arts, visit Shamanic-Solutions.com.

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