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True Farm to Table Eating

Happy Customer, buying blue eggs

Happy Customer, buying blue eggs

Meadow Run Farm is a pasture-based family farm, striving to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals & nourishes the land and those who eat of its bounty. Animals roam the farm in a relaxed, natural environment, free of GMO’s, Hormones or Antibiotics.

The farm offers 100% grass-fed Beef & Lamb, pastured, heritage Pork, pastured Chicken & Turkey, Eggs from pastured Hens, Organic Raw Milk from 100% pastured cows, Cheese, Yogurt & Butter. Also; Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, Oils, baked goods and more.

The health food movement is seeing its share of aggressive marketers attempting to take advantage of consumer perceptions. At Meadow Run Farm you can be assured of honest claims about their products. They find farming is a way to enjoy God’s creation every day & to enhance their family’s table & yours with nutritious victuals from earth’s bounty. They encourage every individual and family to invest time to develop a connection with local farmers and food producers.

New customers can shop the Farm Store Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 7p.m. or join the monthly buying club and pick up at a selected location. Don’t see a location in your area? Consider hosting one!

Location: 34 Lumber Lane New Ringgold. Call 570-818-4179 or email meadowrun@emypeople.net.

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