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Publishers Letter

Nov 03, 2011 03:08PM ● By Reid Boyer


May showers, flowers and Mother’s Day—three beauties of May. How fitting that our May issue is dedicated to the magnificence of women. Today we see women all around us who are role models as mothers, business women and pillars of the volunteer community—and often all three. Please join us in giving a bit of extra loving care to the women in your life this Mother’s Day and all through the month. 

We know that women who spend their days taking care of others sometimes neglect key self-essentials of health and well-being. But, as many are finding that if they do not take care of themselves and make the time they need to feel really good, how well will they be able to take care of others as they aim to? We hope this issue creates a new level of self-awareness, so that women will feel good on an ongoing basis.

We are excited to share many ideas this month that both women and men can use to live more sustainably and holistically. Our feature article, “Natural Beauty,” on page 28, starts us off by offering a head to toe guide to looking your best. 

Did you know that caring for our skin is everyone’s first line of defense in protecting ourselves from exposure to and ingestion of toxins? As the body’s largest organ, the skin protects our other organs, muscles, tissues and cells. Just as we should aim to eat and live as cleanly as possible in order to maintain healthy internal organs, so too, we do well to “feed our face” with natural, organic, and health-packed nutrients. 

Next up, on page 36, “Sustainable Beauty” has tips for ways to green your daily beauty routine. We also serve up food selections and recipes to help nourish skin from the inside out, on page 32.  

Complementing all of this, educational counselor Alexandra Milspaw and Dr. Robert Echenberg, of Bethlehem, discuss an alternative approach to treating chronic pelvic pain that has delivered positive results for hundreds of women (page 44). We also profile Sherry Wachter, the founder of Pathways Holistic Center, in Emmaus, whose commitment to meeting others where they are and showing them the path to health makes her center a gem in our community. Promoting the work of such healers is what inspires me to do what it takes to bring this publication to our many thousands of readers each month. 

I’m happy to report that the Natural Awakenings’ family continues to grow nationwide. We now publish in 89 communities and reach more than 3 million readers every month. Our founder, Sharon Bruckman, headquarters staff and network of franchise owners continues to nurture each new publisher as introduce this magazine in their local community. Together we are able to offer you greater resources to support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. With this issue we conclude our forth year of publishing locally. Several exciting new projects are in the works. Based on our founder’s mothering perseverance, patience and vision, we are all on the path to realizing more healthy, happy and sustainable living. And we are doing it together.

Let us nurture one another well, Reid Boyer, Publisher

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