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Publisher Letter

Nov 03, 2011 01:50PM ● By Reid Boyer


I wonder if we really understand our own power. Consider the power of thought, of intention and of working together to make good changes in our world. Americans seem ingrained with the fearless willingness to stand up for what we believe is right. Greater Lehigh Valley citizens have repeatedly helped propel our community and nation to new heights, such as when we provided vital materials and manpower during World War II or reinvented ourselves as a service economy after globalization shut down many of our factories.

Again today we are being called upon to apply innovative thinking and arrive at new solutions. We can do it, starting with smart day-to-day and holiday shopping (page 26). Every dollar we spend in our local community, rather than sending it elsewhere, invests that dollar close to home, employs our neighbors and strengthens own local economy. This month’s Community Spotlight, on page 34, shares additional ways in which many can make a difference where we live, courtesy of the local resources already available to us. 

We are grateful for your support for our community and particularly for this local magazine. Our season of Thanksgiving calls to mind the locals that help place this free magazine into your hands each month. Times-News Printing, in Lehighton, do much to make us look good. Doug Boeher and Len Alabovitz and all the pressman, shop workers and drivers are awesome to work with. Shawn Bogert, Andy Parker and Jeff Honing happily deliver our light-filled publication through rain, snow, sleet and hail. I am grateful for everyone’s efforts.

A shout out also goes to Marci Molina and Patrick Floresca for their skill in developing appealing graphics and cutting-edge newsletters. The unflappable Susan McCann, my friend and layout designer, unfailingly fits all the pieces into each issue with style and grace. Many times these folks create beautiful art from goofy initial sketches and random emails. 

Our editorial team is second to none. Alison Chabonais helps me find my voice in these letters. Beth Davis supplies quality edits and articles in a blink of an eye and I’m pleased that Linda Sechrist has returned to capture the essence of the fascinating people she interviews for us in her uniquely informed way.

Of course, Natural Awakenings would not exist without our advertisers. Their belief in our mission makes everything possible. When you need a resource for home, health or travel, we know that you will call on them. 

This month’s theme of Local & Personal Economy further redefines our measure of success, helping us to shift our focus from things to a richer quality of life experience. This is the success I strive for and wish for all of us. 

By daily magnifying abundance and gratitude in our life, we invite plenty instead of deprivation, and we really have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving Day and all through the year. Let’s all pause often to acknowledge this abundant good and the opportunities already present to create a powerful community that works for all.

In gratitude,  Reid Boyer, Publisher 

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