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Publishers Letter

Jan 04, 2012 08:17PM ● By Reid Boyer


I’m writing this letter on December 21, 2011, just hours after my oldest brother, Jeffery, pointed out during a family gathering that we have exactly one year from today before the Maya calendar ends—one of the most talked about dates in recent memory. Anticipating that we could have 365 more days of fearful hyperbole thrust upon us, I am grateful for Linda Sechrist’s myth-busting inspired exploration of insights from leading experts on the subject.

Still, taking another look at the cosmic picture is always a good thing, for whatever reason; it prompts us to think about the way we live and the way we treat the home planet that sustains us.

The vast majority of people dwelling on Earth now live more secure and comfortable lives than their ancestors did even a century ago. The cost of achieving our modern lifestyle, however, has been steep:  Many have been subjected to economic inequity while we’ve robbed future generations of untold natural beauties and beneficial wonders all around the world, including vanishing species.

The good news is that 21st century technologies and broader access to educated, conscious choices have the potential to radically redirect the dangerous course we’re on. The ability to raise disadvantaged populaces from poverty is within our grasp. The shift from fossil fuels and harmful chemicals beginning to take root could change everything. What is required is will: the will to change, to admit that plundering the Earth leads to bigger problems; the will to admit that money, possessions and gadgets do not necessarily bring happiness. When we admit that renewable resources can be limitless and capitalize on that fact, there really will be fewer reasons to fight amongst ourselves.

I’m pleased to be working on the cutting-edge of such positive societal change. During the past four plus years of publishing Natural Awakenings, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing heartening shifts in people’s attitude around the world. 

It’s wonderful news, for example, that renewable energy production has surpassed nuclear energy production in the United States. Did you know we have inventors trying the cross the country in vehicles that consume less electricity than a typical 100-watt light bulb? Have you heard that jets have taken flight powered by bio-fuels made from algae grown in 55 gallon drums? Were you aware that a major automobile factory can produce cars with zero waste going into landfills?

We live in an era of amazing innovation. The more we focus our energy on what can be, the more widely and quickly solutions to present challenges will come into existence.

Natural Awakenings is here to inspire, educate and empower such fresh thinking; the pending benefits to us all are tremendous. Special kudos go to our loyal advertisers that make it possible for us to bring you a whole community of helpful resources each month. Thanks, too, to our loyal readers for creating space for us in your lives.

To a new year of possibilities and peace, Reid Boyer, Publisher

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