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Publishers Letter


I always arrive at the end of summer with mixed emotions. This year, I’m glad I got to do several of the 100 things I wanted to. I saw some of my favorite musicians perform, participated in a series of awesome hot yoga classes and swam at many memorable places.

Warm weather finds me generally more relaxed, physically active and committed to having fun. It all helps me recharge and ends up sparking my imagination in unimagined ways. I think, “What a bummer to say goodbye to summer.”

But then I look around and see that every room in my house needs attention. Stacks of unfinished business and worthy ideas clutter my workspace. I can’t remember the last time I adhered to a fixed schedule or was as productive as I wanted to be. Thus, every season brings its own rewards. Maybe a little of the structure that Fall brings would be good for my creative pursuits.

In this month’s special Creative Expression issue, we explore what living an inspired life looks like and receive sound advice from experts and everyday people alike on how to make the breakthroughs necessary to realize our ideal. Over the years, I have realized the importance of recognizing that everything we do is creative, from the thoughts we think to the meals we make to the ways we communicate. It takes far more than artists’ tools to consistently live a fearless, inspired, creative life—it takes courage. 

What do you love to do? What song do you need to sing before you go? Are you working toward making that dream a reality? We hope this issue inspires and empowers you to step out of what is and into what can be, to give your unique gift to the world. You just never know the larger blessing awaiting you… until you take the leap.

Shine on! Reid Boyer, Publisher

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