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Are You Creative? : Linking Creativity and Movement

Oct 05, 2012 10:56AM ● By Betsy Wetzig


Are we all creative? Do we need to be? Many do not consider themselves to be creative, but those are often the same individuals who think creativity is just about art, and maybe inventions. The new brain/mind/body science says that’s incorrect. Creativity is needed in just about every successful behavior including, parenting, playing games, marriage relationships, business leadership, learning and communicating. We are already creative and we can be better at it.

The good news is that we can easily become more creative and thus more successful in all we want to do. A key way to unlock creativity is through movement training. Movement training can improve the way our mind functions and it’s never too late to start. All behavior has both physical movement and mental components, including creative types of behavior. We are all psychosomatic beings and our psyche-soma (mind-body) system can be used to make us healthier and better functioning, both physically and mentally. It can also react to stress negatively and make us depressed, unhealthy and minimize our ability to be creative. Good movement training is a crucial part of keeping ourselves in the positive use of the psyche-soma system.

Movement by itself works so well that doctors tell depressed patients to “get out and exercise.” This truth is also why yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, golf training and other physical training can bring individuals clarity of mind while making the body healthier. But, we can now also use this psyche-soma system more specifically for our particular neuromuscular (brain/body) pattern use. We can use movement exercises, which will train us to handle stress better and actually use it to be more successful. We can also learn how to use our psyche-soma to turn on its dynamics of play, dreams, movement, art and creativity. Yes, we can easily—and with fun—increase our ability to be more creative in all we do.

Coordination Pattern “Breakthru” Training™ was created for just this purpose. The training takes advantage of research by Columbia University’s Dr. Josephine Rathboneat and Dr. Valarie Hunt, at UCLA, on the neuromuscular tension patterns and scale and their effects on the psyche-soma system.

The four coordination patterns are the neuromuscular patterns (neuro = brain, the nervous system  plus muscular = the muscles moving bones system), which coordinate our movement, coordinate the order in which our mental processes are functioning and coordinate our movement with our mental functions. In other words, the psyche-soma system.

To solve our problems and enrich our life we need to be creative. Rich Pastorella, owner of the Pastorella Health and Fitness Center, in Weatherly, says, “Betsy Wetzig’s system of Coordination Pattern Training uses the human system of movement and thought and it allows you to understand them from multiple perspectives and to apply them to the problems that you are facing in your life.”

Betsy Wetzig, dancer, choreographer, movement researcher, educator and author, is the originator and director of workshops for Coordination Patterns Training. She co-hosts a four day retreat beginning October 12  titled “Know Thy Self & Play for Success” which helps attendees explore the power of their core being by combining Carl Jung’s “strokes of genius” & Coordination Patterns™ Training for health, relationships, and career successes. Call Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center at 610-395-3355 or visit or