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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Publishers Letter

Dec 11, 2012 02:06PM


Knowing friends and colleagues from various regions of the United States and several other countries, I’ve been fortunate to glimpse how different, and yet alike, people are at heart. Past stints working with businesspeople in Japan, Ireland and Taiwan have influenced my worldview by exposing me to diverse cultures, as well.

I appreciate such expansive education and understand why interdenominational observers agree that many parallels exist among the world’s major religions and spiritual philosophies. Teachings encouraging us to have faith, select correct teachers, accept unseeable ways of God, quell the ego and acquiesce to a higher power pervade virtually all cultures. One discerns a truly universal message concerning the power of unconditional love lived in all its glorious manifestations.

Individual spiritual awakening and subsequent course corrections to align with one’s higher view can be gradual or sudden and often defy human logic. Many people I know, including myself, have gained enhanced enlightenment during a time of severe duress, when old ways and means have failed them. They hear a calling and choose to work in different ways for a greater Good (another name for God in 21 languages), discovering a purpose that best suits their abilities and temperament. Whatever path they choose, stepping away from self-concerns to bless others is a constant.

The world needs everyone focused on good. Our intention with this issue is to present multiple facets of a great, shining concept that respects all and inspires each of us to cultivate our own brand of intentional consciousness. Neighbors, communities and businesses worldwide are embracing creative expressions and heart-warming support for such ideas in a growing movement captured in Linda Sechrist’s feature article, “It’s All about We—Conscious Evolution: Why We’re Better Together” (page 32). 

Fresh paradigms are taking root in alliances built on cooperation rather than competition. All around the world, enlightened individuals are moving away from “I win, you lose” perspectives and moving toward connectedness and meaningful relationships with all people and the planet. As 2012 winds down, my own community of friends and acquaintances seem more largely focused on positive possibilities than in previous years.   

Having explored various teachings through the years, I have landed firmly in the camp which maintains that, at heart, human beings have far more in common than not. People near and far are expanding their awareness and seeing firsthand how focusing on our similarities rather than differences is the way to realize peace on Earth.

In this season of giving and receiving, let us too open our hearts and minds to see what we can do to forward a world living in harmony, gratitude and respect for life. Let us be consistently kind to one another in our words and actions because how we live and love does make a difference. Wishing you a season filled with love, joy and peace, Reid Boyer, Publisher

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