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A Partner in Healthy Living

Aug 02, 2013 06:46PM ● By Beth Davis


Nicholas Theodorou’s interest in strength, health and wellness began as a child growing up on a small farm in Palmer Township. He was enthralled by the wonderment of life and by the age of seven, he knew he wanted to be a scientist. Theodorou pursued his dream, graduating from Lafayette College with a degree in chemistry and spending the next 30 years in the chemical industry.

His interest in healthy living also continued to grow. As a young teen, he was introduced to weight lifting and started using nutritional supplements. He later became a dedicated power lifter and is a many time Pennsylvania State Powerlifting champion, a two-time National Masters Deadlift champion and an Amateur Athletic Union World champion. In 1981, he and others founded the American Drug-Free Powerlifting Association, now USAPL, the oldest and largest powerlifting organization in the country.

In 1989, he launched Nutritional Technologies, a wholesale vitamin and sport supplement distributorship and personal training business dedicated to helping others develop a personal approach to overall health and wellness. He says the goal was simply to help people. In 2006, Theodorou formalized his years of experience and on-the-job training by earning his Doctorate of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health, in Birmingham, Alabama.

“I consider myself a teacher of healthy lifestyles,” says Theodorou. “My approach is based on absolute common sense, which appeals to a lot of people but doesn’t appeal to many others. People are often looking for the quick fix or they are buying into the marketing hype of a product—I’m very proud that my program is common-sense-based.”

The results speak for themselves—the program is constantly being validated by competitive athletes who compete in a variety of sports at all levels including Olympic and World Championships, as well as individuals who want to have more energy, lose weight, get stronger or want to take a proactive approach to wellness.

His method is built around the Five Point Program, which includes diet; exercise; nutritional supplement support; rest and recovery; and positive mental attitude and stress reduction. Theodorou says if one of the points is diminished, it impacts all.

“The program is very individualized and thorough,” he explains. “It starts with a detailed consultation—identifying the client’s health goals, reviewing the client’s health history and any supplements they may already be taking. We then develop a personalized program, noting that everyone is different; we are all unique as a fingerprint. It’s my goal to become a long-term partner in health.”

He says proper diet is extremely important. With so many foods packed with artificial preservatives and additives, he helps people determine what to eat, when to eat it, how much and what not to eat. Theodorou encourages individuals to read labels. “People are responsible for their own health, so they need to take charge,” he advises. “My program is all about empowerment, so it’s important for people to be engaged and make the commitment.”

He is also passionate about the use of nutritional supplements. “My knowledge of supplements goes back to eighth or ninth grade,” he notes. “I know what works and what doesn’t, as well as the legitimacy of supplements.” His degree in chemistry and interest in science gives him the technical confidence to understand ingredients and potential contaminants. Plus, every product that he recommends, he also uses himself.

His commitment to helping others extends beyond his business. Twelve years ago, he began working with the Bethlehem Special Olympics Program, coaching the powerlifters. The powerlifting program began with three athletes and it has grown to include 14 athletes that participate regularly. He says for him, and the other coaches involved, the experience has been very rewarding. “I have learned so much; it’s been very sobering and humbling.”

Theodorou says the knowledge and skills he has garnered allow him to be a teacher—not a salesman. “I’m not here to push a product,” he explains. “It is my fundamental human desire to be of value to fellow human beings.”

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