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GUNA, Inc. Setting the Standard for Innovative Medicine

Jan 13, 2014 03:56PM ● By Beth Davis


Founded in Milan, Italy, by Adriana and Alessandro Pizzoccaro in 1983, GUNA is an organization made up of people, assets and ideas working synergistically to reach a common target: making a difference in people’s lives—mind, body and spirit.

Today, GUNA has more than 70 FDA listed and regulated products, with distribution in more than 40 countries. Eventually, GUNA expanded to North America due to the increased demand from the U.S. for innovative and modern health solutions. In 2006, GUNA Inc., the U.S. subsidiary located in Whitehall, opened its doors.

The company is known for its unique formulations that contain low dose concentrations of active ingredients. Two lines of products are available for the U.S. market, including cytokine therapy (prescribed by a doctor/practitioner only) and low dose complexes (over the counter products).

Dr JO Serrentino, an independent consultant for GUNA, developed cytokine therapy and is recognized as the leading authority on the use of cytokines (proteins that serve as messengers between cells) in modern medicine, providing the most advanced curriculum in cytokine therapy worldwide. She explains that low dose means that the substance maintains its molecular quality and that low dose does not mean it’s less effective.

“It’s the same or within the nanomolecular range of physiological dilutions,” she says. “These formulations are highly recognized by the body. They have precision and immediate reactivity and are absorbed by the mucous membrane of the mouth … and so they go straight to the point. They work and they are safe.”

Why should individuals consider a more natural approach to pharmaceuticals? It’s actually quite simple. The global alternative/integrative medicine sector is expected to reach $115 billion by 2015, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. This market growth is driven by increased general awareness surrounding health issues and a lower rate of side effects compared with conventional medicines. “Moreover, patients see the significance of being able to use products that work on the underlying causes of their problems and solve the issue as a whole rather than treating just the symptoms,” says Rachel Jeffery, marketing representative for GUNA.

At GUNA, the company bridges the gap between allopathy and homeopathy. Allopathic medicine is conventional medicine that uses drugs to treat specific symptoms regardless of the cause of the condition, while homeopathy and alternative medicine modalities approach the symptoms differently by considering the underlying causes of the illness and the patient’s precise profile.

“It’s important to emphasize that allopathic drugs are foreign to the body and usually cause short and long-term side effects, whereas alternative medicines are made from ingredients that the body recognizes and generally do not cause side effects,” notes Serrentino.

GUNA reps help to teach the public and Serrentino helps to educate the doctors. “GUNA products are unique in that they bring an innovative blend of these modalities; it is truly the medicine of the future,” she says.

For those unsure of what to purchase, and why, the company has knowledgeable and friendly sales representatives available to speak to customers by email, Skype or telephone. There’s no need to worry about feeling obligated or pushed to buy a product. “Our reps want to make a difference to people’s lives and that’s why we would never sell or push products on our customers that we don’t feel are right for them,” explains Jeffery.

Although the product selection is large, Jeffery says GUNA-Flu is one of the most popular. It contains specific ingredients not only for immune modulation, but also to work on the duration and severity of the symptoms.

Another product for which the company is particularly excited is Omeosport, which helps to improve athletic performance by reducing recovery time. Its low-dose ingredients prevent lactic acid build up by improving anaerobic threshold and provides both tissue and muscle support for enhanced energy metabolism. The results are tangible. In the past 12 months, international triathlon competitor and Ironman Roger Girard has credited his improved performance to Omeosport.

“After using Omeosport, I’m having great results on the training side,” says Girard. “I’m pushing hard, recovery is excellent. During my triathlons, swimming and running results are excellent. In fact, I’m very pleased with my run, which at all competitions, is getting me a podium.”

GUNA is a Sanskrit word for “life energy of all living things” and living a healthy lifestyle is strongly promoted among the team. The GUNA Lifestyle Initiative embodies the new healthy, active and brave culture, which invites the GUNA team to participate in some form of physical activity during the day. Encouraged to keep gym clothes at the office and to “take a break when the fever hits you,” employees can be found walking, running and biking up the local trail during office hours.

Recently, vice-president Carmen Gerardi has organized for a personal trainer (Sarah Campbell) to come to the offices two to three times per week to train the team. This happens anytime of the day and does not cut into lunch breaks. “This is such a motivational benefit to the team and Carmen truly believes in looking after people first and the business second … once a person is the best version of themselves, everything else will naturally fall into place,” explains Jeffery.

As if that’s isn’t enough, Girard has agreed to personally train the GUNA team for their half marathon. Fresh from the Ironman world championships, he has put together individual training plans for team members to get started on in time for the big race in April.

“There are not many companies today that would invest so much time, energy and money into their staff and we are so proud to make this stand and hope others will follow the GUNA Lifestyle,” Jeffery says.

GUNA, Inc. is located at 3724 Crescent Court West, Allentown. For more information, call 484-223-3500 or visit

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