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Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr.


Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr., of Maulfair Medical Center, says Dr. Edward Kondrot hits the nail on the head with his recommendations and treatments for eye disease. “We have been successfully treating people with macular degeneration and other diseases utilizing chelation therapy and other IV treatments,” he says.

Maulfair states that remaining in good health as we age is the answer to aging gracefully; we need good eyesight for a high quality of life. “Dr. Kondrot treats glaucoma with chelation therapy, much like our results with macular degeneration, the microcirculation in the eye is improved by addressing the toxic metals and ionic calcium status, remember, you are also improving circulation throughout the body. We also utilize a specific intravenous protocol for macular degeneration with good results.”

Studying up on the importance of good nutrition should be a priority when our eyesight starts to fail, according to Maulfair. He and his staff give seminars in the hopes of educating attendees that function in the body deteriorates long before there are symptoms. “Utilizing factual information in the improvement of diet and lifestyle is the key to retaining all our faculties as we age,” he notes.

Maulfair Medical Center is located at 2970 Corporate Ct., Ste. 1, in Orefield. For more information, call 610-682-2104 or visit

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