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Feb 08, 2014 01:33AM ● By Reid Boyer


What an amazing presence our heart is, pumping life-giving oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. This tireless workhorse, the size of a fist, averages 72 beats per minute, or 2.5 billion beats over a 66-year lifespan, circulating 4.7 to 5.7 liters of blood a minute. The human heartbeat can be detected as early as 22 days after conception, well before the brain has developed. My friend Dian Freeman, a certified nutritionist specializing in holistic health, says it is clear to her that the heart controls the body. 

Ancient peoples so respected the heart that they considered it the seat of intelligence while for us it symbolizes the center of human emotions. Our language reflects this; we may speak from the heart, commune heart to heart, feel heartache or follow our heart. 

We all know what a broken heart is; it takes the joy out of living. But rather than blaming another for mistreating and hurting us, we need to identify how we gave our power away and ignored our deepest needs. Starting this month, we can resolve all kinds of toxic relationships by taking ownership of the role we originally played and continue to play in each dynamic. According to relationship counselor Katherine Woodward Thomas, this usually requires us to overturn false core beliefs about our self that dim our light and typically define our choices and behaviors. We can then learn to firmly yet thoughtfully speak our truth in every situation, thus changing our life story. 

In particular, I am learning that seeing with my heart enables me to be more truthful with myself.  It thus enables me to be more confident in my decisions, so that I feel I’ve made the best choice possible for myself and others in a given situation.

Linda Sechrist’s feature article, “Rethinking Heart Health,” explores the unseen links between our heart and mind and the vital role that our emotional health plays in good cardiac care. Meanwhile, medical science is taking progressive steps in using simple noninvasive diagnostic tools and natural supplementation solutions for reversing heart and circulation conditions. In his article, “Improving Cardiovascular Health”, local chiropractor Dr. Tom Wachtmann offers encouragement for those diagnosed with heart disease.

We also have encouraging news about “Chocolate as Health Food” in honor of Valentine’s Day and the issue focus on heart health. Why not try out cookbook author Judith Fertig’s Conscious Eating recipes with someone you love? If the special day is a reminder that you have yet to find the love of your life, your go-to magazine can help with that too, via You just might meet the kindred spirit you have been looking for all your life. Are you ready to meet your soul mate?


Let the insights you read in these pages help you rewrite your future, Reid Boyer, Publisher

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