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Letter from Publisher

Outdoor summer adventure is always a good way for me to refresh and rejuvenate. Stepping away from my desk for a few days to dive into nature provides perspective that manmade environments never can capture. Did you ever wonder, for instance, why there are no straight lines in nature?

This year, a few Pocono Mountains excursions and a trip to the wilds of New Hampshire fill the bill for my family’s natural respite. Good times for all will be long remembered. I wish each of you such an experience of renewal this and every season. A word of warning: Re-entry can be tough.

At some point in August, many of us ramp ourselves up preparing to tackle renewed educational, personal, fitness, career and financial goals, including actions that will improve our kids’ present and future environment and help keep them healthy. Our August issue looks at transformative education options that reveal fresh solutions for our children.

Also in this August issue covering Children’s Health, you’ll find practical back-to-school strategies directly applicable to everyday life. “Super Immunity for Kids” by Lisa Turner (page 40) opens our eyes to some simple ways to boost a child’s long-term health. Local Nutritionist and long-time natural health advocate Dian Freeman captures the ubiquitous use of process sugars in our food supply and the long lasting effect on our children’s health (page 47).

An age-old pearl of wisdom is often forgotten: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The natural health and environmental protection communities are among those who understand that America must focus on disease prevention if we are to have a prayer of prosperity for all. If individual Americans supported wellness instead of endlessly band-aiding illness, we could collectively redirect sufficient resources to the point of actually advancing the human species. The next generations need us to make wise choices today.

To your and your children’s health,

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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