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Letter from Publisher

Sep 02, 2014 12:25PM ● By Reid Boyer

Working independently affords a measure of freedom that I greatly appreciate, yet I also wish to be conscientious about honoring the many obligations I have to people that depend on me. So I sometimes pause to consider the interplay of discipline and freedom. How does anyone both relax into the moment-to-moment enjoyment of life, stopping to smell the roses as recommended, and focus on achieving goals and delivering on commitments? I see the value in both concepts and often lament missed opportunities when one or the other is overly pursued. Realizing a balance between the two is the challenge.

This past summer I met an 83-year-old former marine from my hometown while visiting Lewes, Delaware. The man exuded vitality and an infectious enthusiasm for life that showed in his handshake and self-introduction. He told me the secret to his vigor was his commitment to physical fitness, rising each morning to start the day with a disciplined workout. I feel inspired by his example because I would like to claim such energy when I’m in my 80s.

This summer the world mourned the loss of B.K.S. Iyengar. Starting life as a sickly child, he transformed himself into a yoga master who was still doing headstands in his 90s. He spent his life teaching yoga and helping the practice grow across the U.S., a movement reflected in the ongoing rise of yoga studios in the Lehigh Valley. Iyengar’s life is tribute to the power of physical fitness through a yoga practice. A few years ago, I heard a local teacher voice the intention of having yoga available on every corner in our community. Imagine the extraordinary results and increased freedom that such a universally healthy state of being would allow.

After further contemplation, I concluded that discipline goes far in providing freedom. I am glad for my healthy eating habits and am now renewedly resolved to be consistent in exercising my right to physical fitness. Getting back into a fall routine will help. I will start today. I hope this issue finds you well and something in these pages motivates you to realize your optimum state of wellness.

In health,

Reid Boyer, Publisher


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