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Welcome to Our November Issue

Nov 01, 2014 02:33PM ● By BY REID BOYER

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is that every day I meet people that are living their dreams and enabling others to live their best lives. I have learned so many lessons from being around conscious people, and I continually try to integrate their examples into my own life. I have come to realize how at its core, life is really about continually learning and growing in body, mind and spirit. Along the way, we inevitably make mistakes, get our hearts broken and learn some hard lessons, but each experience enriches and deepens our self-knowledge. With eyes wide open, we can learn to leverage each lesson to become a better person, a kinder stranger, a more loving partner and a more patient parent and friend.

What do you want from life? I encourage you to write it down, visualize it and put your positive energy out into the universe surrounding it so that it will manifest. The ripple effect can be amazing as this energy of focused love and determination touches all you encounter. Imagine if we all did this! The world would be a much more peaceful, harmonious and happy place, where we all support one another in being our best and highest selves, experiencing the most fulfilled lives possible. We can choose to make our world better by making ourselves better. This intention becomes the basis for personal empowerment.

We are fortunate to have an amazing community of people dedicated to personal growth here in the Lehigh Valley—from amazing healers and teachers that help us keep our bodies in the best possible shape to artists and practitioners that expand our minds and spiritual teachers that help us nurture our spirits. Take this opportunity to set our course toward personal empowerment for betterment of our community.

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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