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Welcome to Our February Issue

Feb 01, 2015 04:35PM ● By Reid Boyer

In stark contrast to what’s likely the coldest month of the year here, we are dedicating this February issue to honoring the warmth of all of our relationships in our hearts. We invite you to join us in celebrating Valentine’s Day, along with some dozen countries around the world, by taking time to acknowledge the people in your life who bring you loving care, joy and happiness.

A few years ago, when I was in Florida training to learn the ins and outs of publishing a local Natural Awakenings magazine, I participated in a visualization exercise to teach us how to envision our lives as we wanted them to be. The facilitator asked that we close our eyes and imagine a woman standing before us waving a magic wand, asking that we grant her request to provide anything we wished for. Ever the opportunist, I asked for the wand!

The point was, and is, that I wish I were able to make every good intention a reality. Doubtless, most of our readers have the same wish. We all want to be able to live a full life in which we respect, express and realize all that is in our heart of hearts. Your leading wish may be to achieve your passion. Or to be the person you envision. Or any of myriad possibilities.

We offer the articles in this issue, honoring your bid for personal growth in all areas of your life. Our intention is to direct you to the tools you need and the resources to support you. As always we hope you find inspiration and solutions in these pages. We are here to help you light your fire and rise to new levels of awareness, community and prosperity.

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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