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Welcome to Our May Issue

Apr 28, 2015 02:56PM ● By Reid Boyer

This month, Natural Awakenings honors women everywhere, as we celebrate the life-affirming choices that we celebrate on Mother’s Day. I cannot imagine any material gift that could come close to the gift of life that mothers give.

I wonder: If you could give your mother anything in the world, what would it be? Anyone who has raised a child knows the sacrifices women make to bring children into this world, and the dedication needed in raising them up to be well-adjusted members of society. Mothers routinely set aside personal needs to give their children what they need to thrive. They delay and even cancel personal goals to do what the family unit requires to keep going.

My own mother, June, not only gave this gift of herself to her five natural children, she also gave that gift to 13 foster children at times when they needed the kind of love that my siblings and I took for granted. I’m in awe that Mom ceaselessly gave from the heart like she did.

She’s one among millions of women who are making their mark in uplifting the human condition. It turns out that feminine intuition, innovation and intelligence are leading the way in proving that it is possible to lead a wholly healthy life. As we continue to learn, both visible and invisible contributions count.

As the family unit grows and changes, even given today’s shifting roles, statistics show that women still tend to take on the lion’s share of ongoing care for family health and home. While they’re busy caring for others, let us support these women’s need to also stoke their own fires. I will be joining you in recognizing the incomparable contributions of women everywhere.

Reid Boyer,


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