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Welcome to Our July Issue

Jun 29, 2015 09:08PM

Reid Boyer

Many times while I am reading and reviewing the content for the next issue of Natural Awakenings, I find myself honing in on one bit of wisdom that really seems to jump out at me and make me think differently. So it was this month as I read the article “Songs of Freedom” on page 26 about the universal desire for freedom and liberty. Americans are not alone is the desire to live their lives as they see fit, but it was our ancestors that made huge sacrifices to blaze a trail though millennia of tyranny and declare the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For that sacrifice, we need to be grateful.

Now, however, it is our turn to stand up for freedom and liberty, so that our descendants can enjoy the way of life that we have enjoyed. The pace of innovation is bringing to the forefront new struggles, and many people from all political spectrums feel an infringement upon their rights. I believe all human beings have a right to clean air, clean drinking water, food that has not been genetically modified and is free of toxins, and open space to enjoy nature. These rights are being eroded by forces that are seeking to impose their will on us through government manipulation and disinformation, all in the name of maximum profits.

Like all things, there are two sides to the coin regarding technology. On one hand, technology is being used to manipulate the genes of plants that are our main food sources. This abomination is being done to increase productivity and make plants resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, whose active ingredient, glyphosate, has amassed a growing mountain of evidence of negative health effects for humans and the entire food chain.

Conversely, scientists at Stanford University have shown how to get to 100 percent renewable energy in all 50 states in a report published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science. We really do not need to pump radioactive chemicals that will still be toxic 32,000 years from now to frack for more natural gas.

It comes down to making conservative decisions based on the long-term health of our environment. Which paths will we choose? To sit back idly and accept exposure to more chemicals in our daily life, or stand up and demand sustainability? As Americans, we need to collectively make our voices heard to retain our right to clean living.

Reid Boyer

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