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Welcome to Our December Issue

Reid Boyer

Every month I have fun jumping into my well-traveled Ford Explorer to deliver the latest issue of Natural Awakenings. Getting away from the computer for a few days, I set my sights on driving through our region’s many amazing environments and meeting people in all walks of life.

After more than eight years of hitting the road, most anticipate my visit and seem encouraged by the continuing stream of new issues. On any given day, a happy comment about some article, event or resource in our magazine typically energizes me for the rest of the day. Each instance reinforces our intent to serve up quality content as a welcome guide for a happy, healthy and sustainable life. Occasionally, such encounters affect me even more profoundly.

Such was the case when I met a father and his teenage daughter at a dry cleaner on College Hill in Easton. He told me the he likes Natural Awakenings because we are unafraid to talk about what counts, including God and spirituality, which are a big part of his life. He commented how various articles have reinforced his own beliefs and inspired him.

I sensed that this man is living consciously while looking to grow in wisdom and be a positive force in the world. Thinking ahead to this December issue, which focuses on Prayer and Meditation, I wondered how to speak of the idea of universally living for a higher purpose without rousing a debate about dogma.

I understand why interdenominational observers agree that many parallels exist among spiritual philosophies around the world. Teachings encouraging us to have faith, select correct teachers, accept unseeable ways of God, quell the ego and acquiesce to a higher power are pervasive in virtually all cultures and most religions. It’s easy for me to see the universal messages.

Many people I know have gained greater enlightenment during a time of severe duress. They hear a calling and choose to work for the greater Good (another name for God in 21 languages), in a way that suits them best. Whatever path they choose, stepping away from self-concerns to do good for others is a constant. The world needs as many people working for good as possible. Our intention in this issue is to inspire each of us to cultivate our own brand of intentional consciousness.

All good wishes,

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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