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Promoting Health One Individual at a Time

Nov 24, 2015 09:44PM ● By Maryann Lawrence

Tina Stashko

Tina Stashko’s interest in natural health and healing, which began in the 1970s with an introduction to an iridologist, led to a fascinating journey of lifelong learning. In pursuit of an education in iridology, the ancient art of reading the iris, and sclerology, the art of reading the whites of the eyes, the founder of Natural Health Promotion has traveled throughout the United States and Canada to learn about numerous healing modalities, several of which she now specializes in.

Stashko, who first became certified in Sclerology and then Iridology, later obtained a Master of Science in Natural Health, a Doctor of Naturopathy, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Health. She holds a certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition in addition to certification in several other modalities. She also holds a master level of certification with the Institute for Human Individuality, an organization with the prime goal of fostering research in the emerging sciences, which help to determine a molecular understanding for how common dietary chemicals affect health by altering the expression or structure of an individual’s genetic makeup.

Today, even though Stashko’s interests are varied, her emphasis is narrowly focused on individualized treatment. A personalized evaluation always includes iridology and sclerology and according to Stashko, while both modalities reveal conditions of health in the body, iridology may be used to determine genetic predisposition to particular illnesses. “Both of these eye sciences are very old and very useful in giving an individual the ability to get a positive handle on their health,” says Stashko. “Not only are these natural and non-invasive, sclerology has a highly impressive accuracy rate.”

Natural Health Promotion also offers nutritional counseling. Stashko makes dietary recommendations based on blood antigen type, biochemistry evaluation and balancing and epigenetic testing. This type of testing analyzes familial characteristics such as fingerprints, head and body shape and leg and torso length to help fine-tune the diet.

Biochemical body balancing tests saliva and urine to determine digestion and rates of absorption, protein metabolism, salt and sugar levels, and cellular breakdown of metabolites. It, as well as pH levels, can determine if the body is getting the most out of a patient’s diet.“Blood type also plays an important role in health,” explains Stashko, who notes that what may be beneficial for one individual to eat may be detrimental to another, even if the food is commonly viewed as healthy, individuality counts.”

Using these various methods enables Stashko, who is Board Certified in Integrative Health, to prepare a unique dietary and lifestyle plan for optimum health. Every individualized program is approached with a view to balance. “I make my recommendations based on what is going to be the best for each individual,” remarks Stashko. “I am educating my clients on how they can be the best they can be, now and for the future. One size never fits all!”

While digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as thyroid and adrenal health comprise much of her practice, Stashko has had successes changing the eating patterns of children diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), many of who were on prescription medication. “Good nutrition is never a mistake no matter what the malady,” states Stashko.

Seniors have also had success in achieving “true health” without medication. “I don’t intrude on my clients’ relationship with their doctors when I work with them,” says Stashko, who is a strong advocate for empowering people to take charge of their health. “I can cite two clients whose diets made a huge difference: a 90-year old who now needs no medication and a 94-year old who has eliminated several medications.

“Empowerment comes from education,” emphasizes Stashko. “The body is wonderfully made and its workings are nothing short of miraculous. Learning about how we are made will no doubt make us appreciative, and give us the incentive to do all we can to achieve our maximum health potential.”

To reach Tina Stashko, N.D.PhD at Natural Health Promotion LLC, in Emmaus, call 610-965-8132 or visit See ad page 15.

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