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Welcome to Our June Issue

May 26, 2016 06:33PM

Reid Boyer

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.  - The Dalai Lama

Well, that can be easier said than done. Our lives are so much more complicated now than at any point in our existence, and I do not see the layers of complexity changing any time soon. For example, my son recently applied for his first serious job and it took several hours to read and understand the online application process, and then collecting the documentation, ordering the background checks and driving for fingerprinting took several more hours. I was very happy to see him apply for the job and I am hopeful he will get it, but my happiness was significantly limited for those four or five hours.

The same amount of documentation and understanding is now needed for so many of the elements of our lives such as health insurance, investments, driving privileges, appliance warranties, software installations and so many more current essentials. How can I focus on my happiness when the minutiae keeps bringing me down?

I’ve also heard it said that happiness is an inside job. It really is a decision to be happy that each of us must make and it can be a bit of a tightrope walk, but I have found ways to keep my focus on happiness, many of which are habits identified on page 35. I try to start each day by clearing my mind and meditating for at least 20 minutes. Then I turn to affirmations that have been distilled over many years into a 30-second list that reminds me of my higher level intentions.

During the day, I try to be mindful to remain optimistic, prioritize what brings me joy, seek beauty and adventure and practice loving-kindness toward those I encounter. I also limit my exposure to media, focusing more on what positive things others are doing rather than some disconnected event that really will not affect me. I also have energy shifters at my fingertips from music to essentials oils and occasional treasure hunts at local garage sales and flea markets.

I also check in a few times a day with my accountability buddy, Shelly. We remind each other daily of our intentions and our progress toward our self-stated goals in a way that keeps us focused on the positive possibilities of our lives, rather than internalizing the negative and having it effect the rest of our day. At the end of each day before I fall asleep. I try to remember all the positives that I had that day and be grateful. I go into my dreams happy so I can wake up happy.

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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