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Welcome to Our August Issue

Jul 27, 2016 04:08PM ● By Reid Boyer

Reid Boyer

Welcome to August. With plenty of sun and hot weather, August will bring out the child in all of us. Having just returned from a few days at the beach and a rafting excursion on the Delaware, I can relate to the joy of being in nature. Enjoying the surf and cliffs along the river made for plenty of good memories just being outside in nature. Fortunately, we still have a few getaways planned for August in our annual quest for endless summer.

In this issue we blend the creative with nature to inspire and empower youth. The idea that people everywhere have the possibility of achieving success, fulfillment and greatness should be the driving force behind all the decisions we make regarding our children. In many ways, nature will provide answers to the questions of how to raise them. Investing our time and energy in youth to help them lead happy, healthy and productive lives is something we can all get behind and will go a long way toward building the kind of world we all would like to experience in the future.

I am struck by how much I learned from our contributors and new advertisers that I worked with this month. First and foremost is the topic of vaccinations in the state of Pennsylvania and the concerns that many parents have about their safety and effectiveness, along with the rights parents have regarding how to raise their own children. When I compare the list of vaccinations given in 1980 with the 2016 CDC recommendations, it is cause for serious concern. I learned that the difference between public policy and our children’s well-being continue to be at odds, and that parents of young children need to research the topic thoroughly and make informed decisions that may require conviction when confronted with the established recommendations that institutions may mandate. As a society, we need to monitor this issue, push for more comprehensive studies on vaccinations and be vigilant about maintaining our parental rights.

As a parent, I was very excited to learn that there is new technology available for treating concussions that was developed right here in Easton. My older brother reminds me of several times as a child where I was knocked unconscious and he insinuates that it may explain some of my idiosyncrasies. I do sometimes wonder if those incidents affected my mental development or if the damage sustained will have effects in the future. With concussions even more prevalent in this generation, it is great to know that new, drug-free technology can stimulate cells to function properly and repair damaged tissue.

Another bit of information I learned this month comes from the Forest Bathing article on page 29. As a child, I spent countless hours in the woods exploring. I always felt a strong connection to nature and peace of mind when escaping into the forest. Now, growing research from Japan’s Nippon Medical center and Chiba University shows why. Humans have a symbiotic relationship with the forest. All we need to do is go there to receive the benefit. With many beautiful trails, parks and environmental centers throughout northeastern Pennsylvania, we are blessed to have local respites available to divert us from our man-made environments.

Enjoy the remaining summer and go natural.

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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