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Welcome to Our November Issue

Reid Boyer, Publisher

November is a time for giving thanks. All of us here at Natural Awakenings Magazine are grateful for your support for our Natural Living community of healers and sustainable businesses. Our season of Thanksgiving calls to mind the many people that help place this free magazine into your hands each month.

A shout out goes to Marci Molina and Patrick Floresca for their skill in developing appealing graphics and our bi-monthly email newsletters. As our layout designer, Patrick unfailingly fits all the pieces into each issue with efficiency and style. Many times these folks create beautiful art from goofy initial sketches and random emails.

Our editorial team is second to none. Martin Miron helps me find my voice in these letters and his edits to our News Brief and Health Brief articles give our readers the information they seek in a very succinct and enjoyable format. Beth Davis and Elisa Smith supply quality edits and articles in a blink of an eye and Elisa gets rave reviews as she captures the essence of the fascinating people she interviews for our Community Spotlight articles in her uniquely informed way.

Nicole Getz and Jeff Honing happily deliver our light-filled publication through rain, snow, sleet and hail. I am grateful for everyone’s efforts to distribute Natural Awakenings Magazine to the far corners of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania and many communities in Warren County, New Jersey.

Of course, Natural Awakenings would not exist without our advertisers. We are 100% advertiser sponsored. Without our advertisers this publication would not be possible. Their belief in our mission of healthy living and a healthy planet makes everything possible. When you need a resource for home, health or travel, we know that you will call on them and let them know you found them through this publication.

We are also grateful for all the businesses that allow us to place this publication where our readers can find it. I like to think we are a grass roots publication that works at the street level to promote exciting solutions for healthy living. This magazine is accessible for all. Everyone wants good health; everyone deserves good health; and everyone can have good health. Individually, we have the ability to achieve and maintain good health. With the information in these pages, we can gain the knowledge we need. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring this information to you.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving,


Reid Boyer, Publisher

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