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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Welcome to Our December Issue

Reid Boyer

Every holiday season comes filled with a fresh batch of intriguing possibilities that demand our consideration. But it’s not just the holidays; we’re on call all year. Advertising media, traffic snarls, social networking babble and constant “breaking news” all beg for every moment of our attention. How can we break the cycle and regain our sanity?

For me, getting out into nature, in all of its moods, serves as my primary personal escape. It rarely fails to turn me around as I reflect on what’s really important and reestablish a sense of balance. No longer intimidated by inclement weather, I now head out into the snow and rain any time daily stresses threaten to overwhelm. I’m delighted to have found some local bike trails that allow for a full-speed workout, one that gets oxygen flowing freely through my system. On one recent ride, I was privileged to ride alongside a herd of six deer as they ran for a few hundred yards before disappearing across a small stream. The magic of this once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the natural world struck deep and still brings a smile.

Doubtless you’ve found your own way to take regular mental breaks. Perhaps you revel in walks in the park, gardening, rebuilding an old car engine, playing music or swapping stories with friends.

In this month’s feature, Linda Sechrist helps us understand the connective nature of our existence as human beings. When I contemplate this reality, it changes the way I interact with others. The re-thinking of self-love suggested in this article can create the spark that radiates outward and creates more of what we all desire.

We hope that you enjoy Natural Awakenings’ ideas for enjoying a simpler, more economical and eco-friendly holiday season this year. Celebrants of holy days of various traditions will find fresh ideas of interest for healthier toys for children, nontoxic ways to prepare your home for holiday guests, and resourceefficient holiday decorations and gift wrappings. We’ve also included some healthy holiday libations and decadent tasting yet healthy holiday treats you can make with children.

Thank you, dear readers, for embracing Natural Awakenings in the Lehigh Valley and Warren County New Jersey. We appreciate your kind words and encouragement. As always, we are grateful to our advertisers and distributors for their support, and ask that you support them in return.

I wonder how will you live better in 2017, loving yourself, the ones close to you and people you have yet to meet? How will you honor and respect the spirit in all beings on Earth? How do you intend to feel good, live simply and laugh more?

May warmth, joy and love surround you this holiday season and always,

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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