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Welcome to Our January Issue

Reid Boyer

If you’re concerned about humanity’s direction in 2017, rest assured that things are going to change. These extraordinary and complex times may seem unsettling, but at the same time, they are abounding with opportunity and possibility. The new year always forces us to ask ourselves, “What is truly most important to me?” Rather than focus on the myriad factors we cannot control, it may be better to turn inward to change the things we can.

For me, the power of inspiration seems to shine brightest at the start of a new year as we set our intention to make 2017 the best year ever and seek to become closer to the person I want to be. In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid, once our basic survival and relationship needs are cared for, what we are questing for is self-actualization, or discovering what we were born to do.

When we set our New Year’s intention, this top level of the pyramid is our focus. Individually, we determine to set our course with a worthy, carefully considered list of to-dos and need-to-cut-it-outs, supporting goals we believe are within our reach. Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of the Omega Institute, suggests that rather than fight change, we embrace it, and expend our efforts in directions that will benefit us. The ultimate goal is to find what makes us come alive and then do it. Collectively, this innate desire for improvement has the capacity to propel humanity to new heights.

One of the joys of engaging with the Natural Awakenings community is the boundless opportunity we have to meet and gain insights from people who have dedicated their lives to helping people reach this higher level. I know that as publisher, each month I learn more of the infinite solutions that exist to help people overcome obstacles to their growth. The trick is to find what works for you.

In this spirit, we offer our January issue seeking not to educate the intellect alone, but also the heart and spirit. From a health standpoint, we offer cutting-edge research about natural weight loss, information on effective, affordable medicine and some health insurance alternatives. As always, we bring you events to get involved in the local natural living community and global news that report the worldwide progress in protecting our environment. I am glad you are joining us in this exciting exploration, re-imagining what a good life is and can be and skillfully acting to make it so.

May the New Year bring you love, peace and prosperity,

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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