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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Welcome to Our June Issue

Reid Boyer

Our June issue begins the 11th year of my publishing career. The last 10 years have been a tremendous adventure, both professionally and educationally. What started as a belief in natural healing through personal experience has evolved into a mission to publish a natural solution for every diagnosis. A side benefit is a personal lifestyle that continues to improve with each edition. I’m grateful for the community’s support not only in the Lehigh Valley, but in Northeast Pennsylvania, where in 2013, I took over the edition started by my friend Kim Baldwin.

Health care has changed dramatically in those 10 years. Not a day goes by without debate about how to move forward to ensure the best possible standard of care for Americans. Unfortunately, the debate has focused more on costs, coverage, subsidies, deductibles and co-pays, than on achieving the kind of wellness that allows us to fully experience our lives. What was true then and is still true now is that if we want to live healthy, it is up to us individually to learn about our own bodies and proactively maintain our own health through education, proper diet, regular exercise and addressing our spiritual, emotional and social well-being. This will be true as long as humans walk the Earth, and we should never cede control, no matter what is promised in return.

A eureka moment for me was the concept of addressing root causes of disease or illness, rather than trying to just stop the symptoms. The term ‘holistic health practitioner” sums up this philosophy perfectly on page 35. Treating the cause can take some expert advice and diagnostic expertise, but often the solution is simple and the remedy is very inexpensive compared to modern medical procedures. Natural health practitioners follow the Hippocratic oath by recommending naturally derived nutrients that address the cause and “do no harm”.

I recently lost a significant amount of weight through an inexpensive holistic weight-loss program offered at my gym. I have been amazed by how many small areas of discomfort in my body have disappeared as the weight came off. My vital signs have improved and I have decreased my risk of heart disease, which happened to be my biggest predisposition concern.

No one can tell me that natural health protocols do not work. I have experienced them. Not every protocol works for every person, because we are all biologically individual, but with the right guidance and nutritional support, I do think many of our health issues could be resolved. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years of bringing both cutting-edge and timeless ancient protocols in these pages each month. I wish all the best for our readers that strive for optimal health.

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