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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Welcome to Our July Issue

Jun 28, 2017 06:36PM

Reid Boyer

When the founders of our country made their stand on July 4, 241 years ago, they took one of the most daring gambles in recorded history in order to stand for an ideal, by declaring themselves independent of empire and free to pursue happiness. They and their successors have flourished beyond the world’s wildest imaginings.

Those early Americans’ ideal was a radical position at the time. I now wonder what the tipping point was for each of those individuals as they risked their lives and boldly signed the Declaration of Independence. What event or accumulation of injustices mobilized them to speak up and stand strong for what they believed is right?

Today, we the people, are restless. We are bombarded with a toxic mix of ideology and misinformation that can suppress even the healthiest and most positive souls among us. Institutions we thought we could trust have turned against the average citizen, and many now see the public as merely an avenue for profit, rather than countrymen working to create a better society. The amount of biological toxins in our food, water and environment has never been greater and serves as evidence of this exploitation. The need for enlightened personal empowerment is great.

We are fortunate to have many unsung American heroes watching out for us all. Maria Rodale and her Pennsylvania-based family have been leaders in the field of organic living before most of us were born. I am very proud to include her sage wisdom on page 28. Eating and living organically is the ounce of prevention that we all know is superior to the pound of cure that comes with a very high price tag.

For many such as myself just a few months ago, detoxifying our bodies of accumulated toxins can turn back our biological clocks and set a new direction for our future health. In our feature article on page 32, Meredith Montgomery offers an amazing overview of what took me over 15 years to learn from a myriad of sources. Regular cleansing of the mind and body is an integral part of healthy living, and the number of options in our community has continued to grow as practitioners continue to apply ancient healing wisdom to designing new solutions to our current situation.

Our founders knew that true freedom requires us to exercise personal responsibility. They admirably exercised theirs, and generations have thrived ever since. Reclaim control of your own food supply and take inventory of your own body, preferably with the guidance of a natural health practitioner that views your healing as the primary goal of their practice and protocols. The payback for these efforts will free you from the tyranny of being just another customer.

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