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Detox Your Mind: Letting Go of Limiting Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

Aug 03, 2017 02:06AM ● By Juliana Freeman and Yvonne Cormier

How often do we realize that our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the source for dis-ease in our lives and that if we were willing to detox those and let go of what is no longer relevant or doesn’t serve us, our bodies could relax and use their energies to create more health and wellbeing? For instance, how often do we judge our bodies or ourselves? Judgment is one of the most unkind things we can impose upon our body. Are you comparing yourself to others and always finding you lacking? Do you focus on what’s wrong with your body instead of being grateful for the amazing body you have, no matter what condition it is in? There is always something to be grateful for, even if it’s just that it got you up this morning.

The body is an amazing servant and will abide by any point of view we have, even those that we may not be consciously aware. So, if we believe that when we get to age 50 our body will start to breakdown, then that’s what we will experience. If we think that when we eat a particular food it will have a particular effect on the body, then that is what our body will give us.

So, if you wish to detox your body, start by detoxing your mind of all the limiting thoughts, feelings, judgments and beliefs you have about you and your body. Start becoming aware of the limitations you have bought into about yourself from family, teachers and peers. Have you denied your creativity because a grade-school teacher told you that you couldn’t draw? Did you give up on going to college because someone told you that you weren’t smart enough? Are you working in a job you hate because someone told you that a high-paying job is a measure of success and to quit means you are a failure?

What else is possible here? Anything that diminishes a person or makes him or her feel less than joyful is probably not true at all. We are all extremely psychic (even if we’ve never acknowledged that) and pick up constantly on the thoughts, feelings and emotions of other people around us. How many times have you gone into a room and been aware that someone is angry, felt tension in the air or known something is just not right? You and your body know. This applies to the thoughts we have about ourselves, too. If we are walking along and pass someone who is feeling really bad about themselves, we might suddenly start to judge ourselves about our weight or something else. We have just picked up their thoughts and, because we likely have a history of judging ourselves, we believe it is ours, and therefore true. What if it isn’t?

When any of this happens, you can ask yourself a question: “Who does this belong to?” If you get a sense of lightness from the question, then the chances are it is not yours and you can return it to sender with some consciousness attached. We don’t need to know whom it does belong to, but whoever did originate that energy will receive some contribution of the consciousness you attach and everyone wins. This can also apply with physical pain where we may be picking up on someone else’s body.

For the ultimate mind detox, there is a body process that consists of holding 32 points on the head, called Access Bars®. These points relate to different areas of life such as money, creativity, body, sexuality, communication, ageing and more, and allows our bodies to clear out limiting points of view and create more space. Receiving the Access Bars® is a great way of making space for new possibilities to come into our lives by letting go or detoxing ourselves of the old.

Juliana Freeman is a contributing author to The Energy of Magic and The Science of Possibility. She and Yvonne Cormier reside in Bangor, PA and are certified to facilitate Access Consciousness® classes and private sessions. They have a combined experience of 45 years in the healing arts and find the Access tools and processes to be the most effective. For more information, visit and

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