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Welcome to Our August Issue

Reid Boyer

Cancer sucks. This may not be the best way to express myself, but despite the billions of dollars spent on treatment and research, the number of Americans diagnosed with cancer has increased nearly fivefold since President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971. A blood cancer took my father in 2010. My friend and a regular contributor to this edition of Natural Awakenings, Elisa Smith, succumbed to the disease just a few weeks ago. Even our company president, Larry Levine, received an unexpected diagnosis of multiple Stage 4 cancers less than a year ago and was gone within weeks.

Countless friends and colleges have lost family members or are going through aggressive treatments that leave them a shell of their former selves. As the second leading cause of death in the U.S. and the number one killer of women age 20 to 59 worldwide, cancer touches us all. It’s time we change the way we think about cancer.

The best defense against cancer is to avoid it. Interestingly, we all have cancerous cells in out body right now, but a healthy immune system in a healthy person naturally eliminates these mutated cells. Study the graphic on page 37. I found that to be very enlightening. Make changes when cancer is getting a foothold, and you have the best chance of defeating it.

Cancer and cancer treatment can be very confusing, very emotional and very controversial, but one thing is clear to me, when our bodies become stagnant or our immune system is compromised, then the cancer cells can get the upper hand. It’s no surprise to me that the increase in cancer diagnosis corresponds with timing of Americans increase in sedentary lifestyles and the increased consumption of unhealthy, chemical-laden, irradiated food. Also, the number and complexity of chemicals in our homes, workplaces and foods have increased dramatically since 1971.

In my mind, the best way to avoid cancer is to eat better food, eliminate chemicals from our personal environment and move our bodies, so natural detoxification processes can perform as intended. We do also need to tend to our emotional health. Cutting-edge research does link emotions to measurable, physiological changes in the body. Negative emotion leads to illness. Pull those negative emotions out like weeds and reach for higher thoughts.

In my mind, it’s a personal war. It’s me versus cancer. I want to know what is truth and what is the right approach for me as a biological individual. A truly holistic approach to being healthy is the reason this publication exists. On page 30 through page 38, we bring together many specific strategies to personally reclaim your power over cancer.

Knowing the contributors to this issue has empowered me to make changes that I feel great about. I hope you find similar understanding in your own personal quest for a long, active and healthy life. Cancer sucks, but I will manage the conditions of my body and mind to show it who is the boss.

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