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Welcome to Our September Issue

Reid Boyer, Publisher

Despite how good I feel today, I’ve been eligible to join AARP for the past few years, and in less than two years I could move into an over-55 community. Soon I will be enjoying senior discounts and early-bird dinner specials. It’s hard for me to believe the number of years I’ve been walking the Earth, but as the saying goes, “It sure beats the alternative.”

I’ve been blessed with good health my entire life. Thanks to parents that grew much of their own food and taught their children to take care of themselves through diet, good relationships, spiritualty and physical activity, I think I got off to a good start. Natural Awakenings embodies complete lifestyle and healthcare solutions that combine nutrition, supplementation to address missing elements, non-drug interventions, mindfulness, fitness, inspiration, creativity and relationships. I credit the community that has come together each month for over 10 years to make this publication possible for the knowledge I need to age with passion and purpose.

That’s all we can really ask for; to age gracefully and fully enjoy the fruits of our labor. In past generations, many people looked to others to keep them healthy. Clever marketing, changes in our food supply and the drastic rise in the number of prescriptions used for treating chronic disease have changed the playing field. We now must critically evaluate recommendations to find what is truly best for us as an individual.

As a naturopath told me as I exited my latest appointment, “Be empowered to be my best self.” That is how I feel today. With a fresh iridology scan and a full panel of blood work from an independent lab both interpreted by Naturopaths, I feel I know how my body is functioning and the weaknesses I need to address to keep it that way for the long haul.

One of the topics we have covered extensively, including this edition, is the practice of yoga. I’ve taken yoga classes sporadically over the years, and while I am not currently in a regular practice, I do see more classes and the vision of taking a teacher training course to deepen my understanding in my near future. The inspiration of B.K.S. Iyengar, the founder of Iyengar Yoga, doing headstands in his 90s says all I need to know about the power of this transformative practice. Renowned yogi and international teacher Rodney Yee discusses some simple strategies for staying on track with a yoga practice. We hope you will give yoga a try this fall.

Conventional wisdom says we slow down and have increasing health issues as we age. Do not buy what our society is selling. Health aging is possible, affordable and being proven every day. The solutions come from within. Picture yourself in perfect health, make small changes, consistently and as they compile you will see improvement. Be empowered to create your own vision of yourself feeling great.

Reid Boyer, Publisher

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