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Welcome to Our October Issue

Reid Boyer, Publisher

I love to travel. It has transformed me by opening my mind to the beauty of nature and vibrancy of other cultures that see life from a different perspective. There is nothing like a good road trip to stimulate growth, see beyond the everyday, promote gratitude and encourage an overall attitude adjustment. This month we feature Transformative Travel as an invitation for the personal growth of our readers.

I have had the good fortune to travel frequently and many of my most cherished memories are of times when I was out of my element and introduced to people and places that I never experienced before.

I’ve experienced the moon rising over the Gulf of Mexico, clouds literally rolling over mountain peaks in New Mexico, a misty climb in a rainforest in Puerto Rico and the remnants of a hurricane slamming into the eastern face of a 10,000- foot peak in West Texas while I poked my head up from the completely dry western side. I’ve witnessed spectacular waterfalls in Oregon, New Mexico and Pennsylvania, swam in crystal clear water off Islands in the Caribbean, floated down the Guadalupe River and enjoyed many swimming holes in Central Texas. The drive along Route 1 through Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in California was spectacular.

I’ve hiked a good portion of the Appalachian trail in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and done some hiking in lower elevations of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. All were magical experiences that I will never forget. Spending time in nature revealed the obvious fact that we sometimes seem to forget; there is an invisible and unexplainable force far more powerful than humanity that sets things in motion in our universe.

My understanding of this force has developed over many years and many miles. I also see it the beauty of people from my personal and professional travel experiences. Celebrating the new year in Mexico, enjoying a street fair in Puerto Rico, exploring small towns in Ireland, negotiating at a mercado in San Antonio, experiencing Southern culture and soul food in Alabama and Louisiana and eating family-style in Taiwan exposed me to ways of life that were enriching and satisfying.

In the next 10 years, I hope to travel even more. I’ve been preparing myself for new adventures with a list of places and experiences I want to manifest and a renewed commitment to my physical fitness. I recently read a book, Old Man River, a great read about the American history of the Mississippi River, by Paul Schneider, that added a trip from its headwaters to New Orleans to my list. I also read a book last summer about the Continental Divide and learned there is a spot in Montana where a drop of rain could potentially flow to one of three oceans (Atlantic, Pacific or Arctic). I’d love to go there. More time in the Rockies, another adventure in California and a return to West Texas have intrigued me for some time.

Make your own list. Research and read about the history, people and natural wonders of a destination and imagine yourself there with all you need to enjoy yourself. Then do it. Make the reservations and book time with guides to show you the secrets of the area. We are here for more than just survival, we are here to thrive, and the world is full of adventure. Happy travels.

Reid Boyer

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