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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Welcome to Our January Issue

Reid Boyer, Publisher

Timely, with the birth of a New Year and a metaphorical new start, Natural Awakenings has a new look. As you page through its contents, you may notice the subtle yet strategically thought-out upgrades in appearance. As always, NA publishes the most viable information to keep you apprised of leading edge preventive, health promoting and gracefully aging techniques, technologies, products and services for your immediate use.

Nothing in the universe stays the same. Change is inevitable. Just when we think we have achieved perfect balance in our life, something changes, and we need to get back to balance. Fortunately, the opposite is also true, when things are not going well, we can be assured that the situation will change. Sometimes changes happens abruptly and other times it seems like it will never happen.

Once we understand change is inevitable, we have a choice. Do we want to live in a reactive mode poised to adapt to circumstance or live more intentionally to try and position our self to create the change that benefi ts us most? Personally, I find myself having longer than desired periods of reactivity where events and other people seem to be charting my course and then I feel an overpowering need to get back into an intentional mode that moves me in the direction I really want to go.

The New Year always gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past year’s wins and losses. My 2017 had some tremendous outcomes for things that I have been working towards for years. Spending more time in Northeast PA, improving my health by losing 20 pounds, being with my Mom and my family for a milestone birthday and experiencing my son’s graduation from Army Basic training made 2017 a very special year. Conversely, I lost focus on some areas that lead to some mild disappointment. But in total it was an excellent year and I’m grateful for everything.

It’s now time to look forward to 2018. Time to reset my intention. I will be using the wisdom of the five ways to manifest desires from J. Marie Novak to Expect a Miracle. I will create my own 2018 vision board with others that seek to create their own lives intentionally. I will seek and nurture more relationships that enhance my life. I will be exploring more business collaborations that will help me grow. I embrace more technology and organization to help me be better publisher. I keep eating good, exercising and managing my stress levels to maintain my health.

I know change is coming. That is guaranteed. I will life intentionally and be in the best possible position to adapt that change.

Happy New Year!

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