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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Welcome to Our February Issue

Jan 29, 2018 09:00AM

Reid Boyer, Publisher

Do you remember a time when what you expected to happen did not happen, but then something else happened that turned out better than your original expectation? I believe that has happened to me about 20 times since the beginning of December. The change in my business and personal life have been a bit staggering. I fully engaged in many necessary projects in a short amount of time, the majority of which did not go the way I planned. I clearly saw the desired result that I wanted and worked toward the goal, only to find the situation itself actually changed through no fault of my own and my efforts seemed to be in vain. It was a very stressful few months for me.

And yet here I am, rising above the minutiae and disappointment. I can see that despite my disappointment and frustration, I can now see better outcomes than I originally envisioned. Things really did go my way. The frustration served as a pivot to help me think differently, and now I feel a bit foolish for allowing the stress of those situations to get the better of me and remove some of the enjoyment that I may have experienced. I created the stress, rather than having faith that the best possible outcome would happen for me, despite the momentary setbacks. When will I learn this lesson to not let frustration get the better of me?

Well, I’m happy to say that after reading what this month’s experts have to say, I’m confident that I now have more tools in my psychological toolbox suited to strengthening my resilience and improving my relationships to take care of myself in a more mindful way. I understand it’s the reaction to the setback that causes the stress, not the setback itself. If I can just remember that in the moment, all will work out fine.

In the spirit of Valentines everywhere, let’s first love ourselves enough to put some of this wisdom into immediate practice. We all wish you unlimited spiritual well-being and healthy relationships.

You deserve it,

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