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Essential Oils for Travelers

Jun 26, 2018 05:12PM ● By Marilyn York

Travel can create some of our happiest memories; however, navigating airports, foreign languages or unknown cities can sometimes put a damper on an adventure. Essential oils can help ease those kinds of situations.

As a holistic wellness advocate, I always stress the importance of utilizing the purest essential oils available for attaining optimum results—especially when using for ingestion or use on the skin.

Using pure essential oils helps reduce the possibility of exposure to any pesticides or herbicides that the plants may have been grown in (which oils are distilled from), as well as to eliminate the possible exposure to synthetic oils. Both situations change the chemistry composition of the oils, and potentially create situations such as allergies.

York notes that many essential oil companies do not create ingestible oils, therefore, it’s important to choose only those from a company that identifies an oil as ingestible. With that in mind, she suggests two oils to consider taking on your next trip: peppermint and lavender.

Peppermint: Add some pep to your step by inhaling peppermint’s refreshing aroma after stepping off the plane. Massage some on the bottoms of your feet after a long day of walking or add a drop or two to warm water and drink to help ease the effects of eating too many new kinds of foods.

Lavender: Sometimes, the best vacations push us far outside of our comfort zones—with some resulting tension. Help your body adjust to a new time zone by adding lavender to a nighttime tea to improve sleep quality. Inhale the oil’s floral aroma before venturing off to a new adventure—like zip lining in Costa Rica—for its calming scent, or add several drops of Lavender to massage oil and massage into skin after a day of too much sun.

Marylyn York is an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. For more information on products or to learn more about promoting essential oils as a career, contact her at 877-436-2299, or visit Distributor #489656.

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