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My thoughts for the month…

Dr. D Rodger ND, MBA

As we near the end of another year and I ponder over the past 6 month’s as the owner and publisher of the magazine, I’m reflecting on some changes that have been made.

I would like to bring your attention to all the news briefs in the magazine, which are written by the advertisers. This not only helps them promote their business, but also informs you, the reader, about other alternative treatments that are available to you.

In the September issue, the Community Spotlight was on Easton Café owner Sarah Hinsch. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and was informed that she would never get pregnant. She shared with us on how using whole foods, not only did her issue disappear, but she was able to get pregnant and now has a daughter. Sarah owns 2 Greenmouth Juice cafe’s and regularly gives nutrition talks at both locations. See her ad on page 37.

The October Community Spotlight issue focused on a Naturopathic Doctor, Jon Holznagel, who was diagnosed with lung cancer 17 years ago. Once diagnosed with this type of cancer, statistics state that 50% of all those diagnosed with lung cancer die in the first year and 50% of those left die in the 2nd year. Dr. Jon’s oncologist informed him that he would need to be admitted into the hospital immediately to remove his lung the next day. Dr. Jon decided to use a different method and today, 17 years later, he still has both lungs and is cancer free. He continues to educate customers who visit his store, To Your Health Natural Food. See his ad on page 15.

The November Business Spotlight issue, centered on Dr. Albert Peters, MD, a 28-year board certified reproductive endocrinologist. When his wife Brenda was struggling with menopause, the only success he found was using bioidentical hormones. This immensely helped his wife and he delved further into anti-aging and bioidentical hormones. He has since opened up his own practice called the Anti-Aging Medicine and Hormone Wellness Center. See ad on page 31.

This month is yet another fantastic story. Dr. Kristin Reihman, MD, has had Lyme disease 6 times. Her story is fascinating and I don’t want to say anything else, except if you have Lyme disease or you know anyone who has it, then you need to point them to this article, and the protocol she lists in her e-book. See article page 16, and ad on page 17.

My aim as the publisher of this magazine is to continuously promote these alternative treatments and educate our readers on what is available to them. I hope you find them helpful. I personally do not like the term alternative, my patients do not think I am an alternative treatment, but socially and culturally that is what we have been labelled as (somethings you just have to accept). If you missed any of the spotlights that have been mentioned above and would like to revisit any of the issues, the magazine can be read online at:

It is with great pleasure that I would like to wish all advertisers, their families, and all the readers of this community magazine, a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

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