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Heavy Metal Toxicity and Heart Disease

Jan 30, 2019 02:11AM ● By Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr. Osteopathic Physician

Heart Disease and Women

Cardiovascular disease (primarily heart attack and stroke) kill about twice as many American women as all cancers combined. Close to 50% of women will develop it during their lifetime and 1 out of 3 will die from it. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in 2010 reported that 60% of hospitalizations were women and cardiovascular disease in women accounted for 2 million hospitalizations and is the number one cause of death in women. From the August 8, 2001 issue of “Women’s Health and Primary Care”, “The 1-year myocardial infarction mortality rate in women was 44% compared to 27% in men, the 30-day myocardial infarction mortality rate in women was double that of men”. From that same issue of “Women’s Health”, “More than one-third of women who had a myocardial infarction died within one year compared with only one-quarter of the men so affected”. Now for news of how to avoid this and reverse circulatory problems.

The analysis of human hair and blood cells for the presence of toxic metals and mineral nutrients is essential in a health assessment when determining the causes of symptoms. I have a medical philosophy that includes some detective work before the prescription plan is determined because I want to know what causes symptoms for people who come to me. We detect the main reason people are prone to developing heart disease and other circulatory problems by testing for heavy metal toxicity.

The uninformed or people with suspect agendas try to convince the public that this type of diagnostic work is “unscientific” or worthless. A surprising attitude when you consider the science of human toxicology, forensic science and addiction medicine rely on hair and tissue analysis. Why hair? I use it because it does not hurt when we clip it off your head. We do tissue samples for testing for the presence of pesticides and solvents but when it comes to toxic metals and mineral nutrients hair is the best as it is painless, something people who come to our clinic appreciate.

The presence of heavy metals in the body contributes to, or directly causes all kinds of maladies. Why would you prescribe a drug to someone who is depressed when they may have an overload of a metal causing their symptoms? Is the drug going to handle the metal overload? No. So, they now have another toxin their liver has to deal with and they still are suffering from a toxic metal overload. Heart disease, depression, irritability, aggressive behaviors, sleep difficulties, mood swings, chronic fatigue, weakness, anxiety and attention problems have all been related to toxic metals in the medical literature and in clinical practice.

In the case of heart disease a person’s toxic metal overload is essential to the proper care of the person and if not addressed alone can cause death. Concentrations of cadmium in the air of 28 cities for which data are available show a marked correlation with death rates from hypertension and arteriosclerotic heart disease. The heart muscle of people with cardiomyopathy has shown levels of antimony 12,000 times higher than control subjects in a study using biopsy of heart muscle. The same study showed 22,000 times the level of mercury than controls. They also found 11 times the amount of gold, 13 times the level chromium, and 4 times the level of cobalt, in study subjects compared to controls. The study concluded that toxic metals may adversely alter heart cell energy production and therefore worsen cellular function.

As a physician treating people with chronic degenerative diseases, including heart disease, I certainly would not want to overlook these potential causes for people who count on my opinion. If the presence of toxic metals interferes with optimal health and is a causative factor in some disease processes, something should be done. That something is Chelation Therapy as a comprehensive program. People who fight chelation as a therapy object to the public finding out about toxic metals. Even the FDA recognizes toxic metals and provides for their safe removal with a special chelating agent. The public needs the truth.

If you have heart disease or early high blood pressure find out your toxic metal status, it makes all the difference for your future.

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