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Growing with the Times from Allopathic to Holistic Medicine

Feb 28, 2019 01:44AM ● By Carolyn J. Reese

Over the last 11 years, Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center has grown from a handful of holistic practitioners to 24 and is still growing. This proves that the percentage of folks in the Lehigh Valley accepting natural healing modalities has greatly increased during this time. Even our country’s American Medical Association is now using some of these modalities to treat their patients. There are certain treatments dating back thousands of years, which are everyday remedies in Europe and worldwide. Our country is finally getting on board, slowly but surely.

The integrative approach that Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center offers is a huge advantage for recovery and lasting health. The old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” goes for healing also. In most cases, it takes more than one modality to heal a health condition.

The advantages of an integrative approach to healing is the reason I built Twin Ponds Center. The post-polio syndrome I have been experiencing in my adult life can’t be helped at all by the allopathic medical profession. Believe me, I have tried. It was after my year of physical therapy following surgery in the early 90’s that I was introduced to the holistic way of healing. These holistic modalities that address mind, body and spirit are also called alternative, complimentary and natural medicine.

I’m very thankful that I was introduced to this kind of care. If I hadn’t been, I would certainly be in a lot of pain and sitting in a wheelchair. My daughter teases me about building my own old-age rehabilitation center. How true that is, and I get to share it with others!

Over the last 11 years, I have taken advantage of all our Center has to offer. Learning about the mind-body connection, the importance of exercising and stretching, keeping the body’s energy open and flowing, along with healthy eating and lifestyle, have kept me pretty much pain free and happy.

If you check the biographies of the practitioners on our website, you will see how highly educated, experienced in their field and dedicated to their work they are. My personal experience working with these practitioners has been extensive and very beneficial. The following is what we offer and what has benefited me over the years.

Movement Training: Learning new ways to move can be an essential addition to the treatment of neurological, orthopedic, chronic pain and stress-related conditions. It means greater comfort performing everyday activities. Examples include Coordination Pattern® Training, Feldenkrais Method® of Movement, Pilates Power-assisted Table and Tai Chi Easy.

Physical Treatments: These are gentle therapies that aid the body’s ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain and dysfunction. Examples include Massage, Structural Integration, CranioSacral Therapy, Neuro and Visceral Manipulation, YogaVoice, Reiki, Low Level Laser, Cupping Therapy and Therapeutic Himalayan Salt Cave

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Strategies: These modalities promote greater health, which makes life easier, happier and more successful. Examples include Effortless Meditation™, Safe and Sound Protocol, Aromatherapy, Counseling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Vibroacoustic Chair (Brainwave Entrainment), and Food and Lifestyle Consultations

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging for breast, thyroid and full body is also available throughout the year. This is a safe way to check for cancer since it is a radiation-free test. You may be thinking, “Wow, she has experienced a lot of treatments in 11 years,” and it is true but, thinking back on it, it doesn’t seem overpowering. Each modality has added something very beneficial to keep this senior citizen pain free and leading a very active life. I love sitting at the reception desk greeting people and talking to them about what we offer, and which service might be best for them. It is gratifying to hear how eager they are to learn about the many holistic ways of healing. They are also very appreciative that we are here to help with their concerns.

We need the medical profession for certain situations but when it comes to many acute and chronic conditions, it is best to look at the holistic way of healing. Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center is one of our country’s most diverse holistic health centers. We are proud to be in the Lehigh Valley helping its residents achieve and maintain their health.

Location: 628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville, PA. For more information, call 610-395-3355 or visit

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