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Chemist Creates SeaLand Cosmetics Solutions for Dry Skin

Mar 27, 2019 02:01AM ● By Sheila Julson

Noha Hakim

In 2012, chemist Noha Hakim heard that a family member had suffered from severe psoriasis, so she used her background in chemistry, along with her expertise in holistic health modalities, to create a natural remedy to help him. She combined Dead Sea salt, aloe vera plant extract, apple cider vinegar and essential oils. Her brother-in-law improved, and Hakim felt a special joy when her remedy helped to ease someone’s pain.

Hakim realized that she could also help others and began to create different products with Dead Sea salt for family members and friends. That led her to develop SeaLand Cosmetics skin and hair care products, designed to enhance the skin’s natural beauty and provide a solution for dry skin. SeaLand contains Dead Sea salt, which is known for its high minerals content of magnesium, potassium and bromide that can be easily absorbed by the skin and benefit the body, as well as hydrate and clear the skin.

Hakim had always had an interest in science. She earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and worked as a science teacher for 10 years in Egypt, her native country. In 1989, her family moved to Canada and Hakim developed an interest in natural wellness. She worked in health food stores for many years until she opened her own restaurant, Supernatural Café, specializing in vegan foods.

The family moved to the United States in 2000, and Hakim worked as an analytical chemist and furthered her education while working at Sanofi Pasteur, earning a post-grad certificate in pharmaceutical sciences from Lehigh University. “Working in Sanofi Pasteur for 15 years instilled a passion that no one should die from a vaccine preventive disease. That inspired me to help people whenever I can,” she said. SeaLand Cosmetics logo contains Hakim’s credo, Your Skin, My Care, and she seamlessly melds concepts from her science and natural health backgrounds into crafting her product line.

Since launching SeaLand Cosmetics in 2015, Hakim has heard positive feedback about her four patented formulations designed to moisturize, detoxify and condition the skin for a natural, healthy look. Her main products—Face Cream with Shea Butter; Natural Body Lotion; Natural Scalp Lotion with Castor Oil; and Calming Choice Face Lotion with Hemp oil—have helped people improve conditions such as dryness, eczema, acne and dandruff for adults and children. In addition to mineral-rich Dead Sea salt, SeaLand Cosmetics contains apple cider vinegar, which helps maintain a healthy pH balance on the skin and the scalp. SeaLand Cosmetics’ other items include balms, soaps, roll-on deodorants and hair oil.

All of SeaLand Cosmetics products are vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free. The products are available on the website and at local health stores, with more locations to be announced. Hakim works continuously in developing more items and will soon add massage body lotion and a natural make-up line.

For more information about SeaLand Cosmetics and where to purchase, email [email protected] or visit

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