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My Thoughts for the Month...

Begin NOW to become the person you were meant to be!

You have probably heard the “fake it ‘til you make it” theory. In the ‘90s it was the mantra of one of those ‘How To Be Great’ programs that were so popular. While there is a fine line between “fake it ‘til you make it” and “act as if”, that fine line is the key that will open the door to glowing success or the door to dismal failure.

How you think each day, how your mind interprets anything, is what it is. Let me clarify; is the glass half full or half empty? Do you believe you can or do you believe you can’t? Is life a beautiful and exciting journey or merely a struggle to survive? The point is that everyone interprets life differently and if your mind believes that you are “faking it”, you will feel like a fake and are less likely to succeed. If, on the other hand, you “act as if, what you will become,” the way you feel about yourself and what you are doing is likely to result in your believing in yourself and keeping you on the path to greatness.

What’s your potential? Surely you do understand that if a little nut in the mud has the potential to become a mighty oak, you certainly have within you many seeds of potential greatness. You have within you everything necessary to become anything you’ve ever dreamed of becoming... and having everything you’ve ever dreamed of having.

Yesterday has gone forever, leaving behind only memories. Tomorrow is the future and is yet unknown to us. It’s impossible to change the past but tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come are a clean slate just waiting to be written. What will you write on the slate of your future? Will it be the same as the past? Will it be a beautiful, successful great tomorrow story?

What you do with your future is up to you. Who and what you were yesterday has nothing to do with your present or future. At any given moment in time you can make the decision to create the life of which you’ve always dreamed. What are you waiting for?

Dr. D Rodger ND, MBA

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