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What is Guna?

Oct 31, 2019 09:37AM ● By Kyle Hass
Guna is a European pharmaceutical company, guided by ethical principles and devoted to scientific research. Guna focuses on education and scientific information addressed to doctors and pharmacists.

        Guna develops and distributes natural-based health products that are unique, effective, innovative and with a very high safety profile. Guna products are manufactured in Milan, Italy, according to the highest pharmaceutical standards of quality. Guna manufacturing facility is regularly inspected by FDA and other European health authorities for ensuring the compliance with current regulations. The production includes homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics.

        Guna “low-dose medicine” products are inspired by studies of molecular biology and biochemistry performed on medicinal plants and to biological molecules, which demonstrate that low doses of active principles prepared according to an exclusive proprietary pharmaceutical technology  are as effective as higher doses, but without the risk of negative side effects usually related to them.

        Every year, Guna invests considerable resources in clinical and experimental research studies, to prove the safety and effectiveness of Low Dose Medicine in several medical areas: cold and flu, gastroenterology, rheumatology, recurrent respiratory infections, dermatology, gynecology, and many others.  These research studies are freely available to professionals, as Guna is strongly convinced that spreading ideas and information is the engine of progress. 

        Guna is also strongly committed to medical education, as it is the best tool for spreading the knowledge about Guna’s innovative and unique products, and for helping doctors provide the best possible support to their patients.

        The company’s ultimate mission is to spread a concept of human-centered medicine that is in harmony with nature, and it is also engaged in Social responsibility Projects, so to give back to the community a part of the profits generated.

        Located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Guna, Inc., is a licensed U.S. distributor focused on medical information addressed to practitioners and pharmacists. Guna, Inc., is the sister company of Guna S.p.a.

For more information about the possibilities offered by Guna products, please get in touch with our medical representatives. Guna Inc. 3724 Crescent Court West.  Whitehall, PA 18052. 484-223-3500. [email protected].

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