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Nov 27, 2019 07:30AM

Are you losing sleep?  Missing work?  Skipping vacations?  Putting off retirement plans?  All because you're taking care of an elder loved one?

We can help.

We’ve all known someone dealing with the extraordinary challenges of guiding a loved one through the healthcare process.  We know the turmoil caused when families are faced with making important healthcare decisions without the guidance and support of an advocate who truly sits on their side of the table.  Our mission at Navita Health Advocates is to empower our clients and their families with information and support, so they can make the most informed decisions.  We restore balance in caregivers’ lives because they may be overwhelmed and missing out on their own lives because they’re providing needed services, such as:

Medication Review: Are there pill bottles all over the house?  Is anyone sure about what your loved one is taking, who prescribed it and why?  We screen all prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements for potential negative interactions and notify doctors as appropriate.  We review all medications with each doctor to confirm strength, dose, frequency and reason for taking.

Appointment Assistance:  Are you missing work to take your loved one to doctors’ appointments?  Worse yet, is your loved one accompanied by whoever is available at the time, creating a situation where no one other person knows the whole medical picture?  We provide continuity by preparing for appointments and making sure your questions are asked and you understand the answers.

Patient Advocacy:  Facing a new diagnosis and don’t know where to begin?  We provide education and information.  We facilitate getting a second opinion and help our clients process information needed to make informed decisions about care.

Homecare Coordination:  Time for help with bathing and dressing but don’t know where to begin?  Google “Homecare Agencies in the Lehigh Valley” and you’ll get 944,000 results!  We perform an in-depth needs assessment, find several agencies that meet your requirements, attend initial interviews and have a follow-up program to make sure you’re satisfied.

In-Hospital Advocacy:  The squeaky wheel gets the oil.  It’s tough to speak up for what you want, know the right questions to ask and remember the reason for and the results of all the tests and procedures.  We communicate with the hospital care team and update family and friends according to our client’s wishes.

Discharge Planning:  A safe transition from hospital to home can be a slippery slope.  We coordinate home care services, medication management and equipment installation, with the goal of keeping our clients safe and preventing readmission.

Many feel compelled to manage a loved one’s care themselves.  Why not envision the best life for ALL involved and enlist the help of a professional?

For more information on how to empower yourself when navigating the healthcare system, contact Cathy Abreu at 908-528- 3977 or [email protected] .

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