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Business Spotlight: By Your Side for Your Best Health!

By Meagan Beltekoglu  

Living with chronic illness, facing a new diagnosis or simply dealing with the natural aging process in today’s complex healthcare system can be an overwhelming prospect.  If you or a family member is facing these challenges, you’ve probably felt frustrated, confused and overwhelmed as you’ve tried to figure out how to manage all the appointments, tests, lifestyle changes, prescriptions and more.  Maybe your elderly parents live several hours away and you can’t be there for them as often as you’d like.  Or you’re concerned that your spouse isn’t safe at home while you’re at work.  From dealing with the insurance company to handling medications, appointments and safety concerns, managing the safety and wellbeing of a loved one can be a fulltime job. 

The good news is you don’t have to go at it alone.  Board Certified Patient Advocates like Cathy Abreu, RN, of Navita Health Advocates, meet a real need in the community by filling the gap between medical providers and their patients.  Even with her extensive background in healthcare, Ms. Abreu experienced these challenges herself.  “My own parents live three hours away from me and have chronic medical conditions requiring multiple doctors, medications and treatments.  Meeting their healthcare needs and ensuring their safety and wellbeing is an ongoing source of personal stress and sleepless nights.”  This, along with her extensive experience as a nurse, inspired Ms. Abreu to start Navita Health Advocates to help restore balance and provide support to families going through the extraordinary challenges of guiding a loved one through the healthcare continuum.  Navita Health Advocates helps their clients understand their health, talk to their doctors, and manage medications, appointments and home care needs. 

Having a loved one in the hospital and not being able to be at their bedside can be a harrowing experience.  Navita Health Advocates’ hospital advocacy services include bedside visits to ensure your loved one’s needs are being met, communicating with the healthcare team regarding tests, procedures and results, and providing daily updates to designated family members. 

After discharge from the hospital or rehab, Navita Health Advocates’ discharge planning and homecare coordination services make the transition to home easier and safer.  An experienced and compassionate health advocate helps you and your family understand the discharge instructions and ensures proper medications, services and equipment are in place.  You can rest easy knowing your loved one is set up for success and safety back at home. 

Anyone with a chronic illness has a busy schedule of doctors’ appointments.  It can be hard to remember all your questions or to even know what questions to ask.  Professional health advocates provide knowledge-based assistance to help you prioritize your questions and concerns.  They can accompany your loved one to doctors’ appointments and help interpret what doctors say.  They can also assist with scheduling, arranging transportation and filling new prescriptions. 

Health advocates can also offer medication review.  It’s important that all prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and supplements be periodically reviewed by an experienced professional to identify possible negative interactions and over-medication scenarios.  Along with the review, Navita Health Advocates will make sure that you and your loved one understand the reason for use and are familiar with the directions for use, possible side effects and potential adverse reactions. 

Because Ms. Abreu of Navita Health Advocates has personally experienced dealing with a healthcare challenge, she’s passionate and compassionate.  “I want to be of service and bring peace of mind to my clients and their families during times of increasing healthcare challenges,” she says.  “I know the turmoil caused when families are faced with making important healthcare decisions without the guidance and support of a trained professional who truly sits on their side of the table.”  

To find out more about how you can get someone on your side of the table, contact Navita Health Advocates, LLC for a free consultation.  Phone: 908-528-3977 Email: ​[email protected]​ Website: 

Cathy Abreu, Founder and CEO of Navita Health Advocates, LLC, is a Pennsylvania Licensed Registered Nurse, Board Certified Patient Advocate, Certified Patient Educator and Advocate, and Certified Dementia Practitioner. 

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