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Reverse Human Aging

Preventing premature cellular aging as part of our body’s daily function, we get rid of damaged cells and abnormal cells.  These damaged cells are designed to die off through apoptosis, which prevents a buildup of dysfunctional cells in tissues.  As we age, that process changes; aged cells stop functioning properly, fail to operate their normal duty and fail to divide… but instead of completely dying, they linger and accumulate in various tissues.  The technical term is “cellular senescense” by Mayo Clinic and delineated by Life Extension Vitamin Company.

Cellular senescense is believed to be one of the major causes of aging, cellular function, age-related diseases, insulin resistance, obesity, heart disorders, vision loss, dementia, arthritis, cancer and lung fibrosis.

Through the Mayo Clinic Research, Life Extension Vitamin Co. has developed a product called “Senolytic Metabolizer” taken once per week to help improve physical functioning of the patient.  Using this protocol helps with reduction of heart and vascular disease.

The same Mayo Clinic Research shows promise of cellular senescense of Alzheimer ’s disease.  “Senolytic Metabolizer” is a combination of Quercetin and Black Tea Theaflavins. 

Quercetin is a plant pigment found in many fruits and vegetables while Theaflavins are derived from decaffeinated Black Tea.  These compounds decrease activity of enzyme receptors that stop the spread of cancer cells.  Scientists have combined Quercetin and Theaflavins into a plant-based compound called Dasatinib, which is available without a prescription.  It provides senolytic action.  

For further explanation of this article please contact Jon Holznagel, PhD 215-538-3480

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